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Father's Day Picture Board

Father's Day Picture Board

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Your little Piccaso's artwork on a board is a unique and thoughtful gift for the best Dad or Grandpa! 

We recommend to use paint or crayon on the plaque. (Avoid texter or markers as is may bleed)


  1. In the text box please detail to whom it is to eg, dad, Pop, Grandpa, Pappa.
  2. Then whom it is from. Eg, The Grandkids, the best son, Alex.

 Eg, Pop, from Spencer


Please ensure all spelling and gramma is correct.

Details: 20 or 30cm in diameter on 3mm thick ply wood

Please note: Due to the natural nature of the wood, knots grains and colour may appear different to the photo above. This is not a toy.



22cm x 15cm on 3mm ply wood

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